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We combine dedicated training, activity management and marketing intelligence to recharge dealers and sales people to produce better than ever results.

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No need for an ad agency.
We design your overlays, coupons and rewards in minutes, upload in seconds.

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Our company is built on our extensive automotive retail, manufacturer and vendor experience.

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Undeniable turnaround results produced for hundreds of dealers

See the results from one of our current clients in Houston, Texas.

November 2018

December 2018

Inbound phone volume:
Outbound call volume:
Appointments set:
Sold units:

Increased 141% from 122 to 294
Increased 108% from 3610 to 7512
Increased 244% from 183 to 630
Increased 117% from 79 to 171
92 more cars sold in 30 days!

  • Inbound phone volume:    Increased 141% from 122 to 294
  • Outbound call volume:    Increased 108% from 3610 to 7512
  • Appointments set:    Increased 244% from 183 to 630
  • Sold units:    Increased 117% from 79 to 171.5,

Recharge your leadership team in the War Room

From leadership to sales people, each person has a key role in driving results when CPG gets involved. We make the “swirl” happen when people and process come together to maximize your output like never before.

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Get more activity from your team

We get your people motivated by keeping them incentivized and held accountable. We can drop in virtually anytime, and ultimately become the activity managers that you deserve but haven’t been getting. Bottom line, on average we get your team making 70% more outbound calls 30% more appointments in the first 60 days.

Marketing intelligence insights so you can dominate the competition

We help you outwork and outsmart your competition.We execute market studies on how you stack up in your area so you can maximize your lead sources with better pricing strategies. Our world class dashboards work with every store and CRM.

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When's the last time your team had their best month ever?

Take a proactive approach to celebrating your team’s big wins with prizes, incentives as well as certificates they can share online to keep them motivated.

“Within a month of using CPG service, we finished the month #1 and already ahead by double in new car volume halfway through this month!”

-Ronnie Pack, GM, Jim Hudson Hyundai

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